Jolanda Sprokholt

Photographer for travel photography and maritime photograPhotographer at workphy

As a photographer, I tell stories with my photos. I like to imagine my own stories but above all the stories of others. And with a passion for water sports I like to photograph for water sports events and water sports entrepreneurs.

I am a photographer and storyteller. I like to travel a lot with husband on our sailingboat, but also by car, plane or bus through the countrysites around the world. With my photos and stories I like to bridge cultures and people. I like to share my experiences of beautiful place and people and I like people to join and enjoy. Please check out my website and facebookpage.

After 20 years of working in business, I sailed the Atlantic with my family for a year in 2007 and then i made my travel and photography hobbies my profession.


2009 – 2010 Photo Academy Amsterdam

2011- 2013 Photowise, Amsterdam